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                    Product name 4-Vinylphenol
                    Synonyms 4-ethenylphenol;Phenol, 4-ethenyl-;p-hydroxystyrene;p-vinyl-pheno;p-vinylphenol;p-vinyl-phenol;FEMA 3739;4-HYDROXYSTYRENE
                    CAS No. 2628-17-3
                    Molecular formula C8H8O
                    Molecular weight 120.15
                    EINECS No. 220-103-6
                    Type Aromatic Phenols
                    Mol doc. 2628-17-3.mol
                    Melting point 73 °C
                    Density 1.04
                    Refractive index 1.4440
                    FEMA 3739
                    Flash point >230 °F
                    Sensitivity Hygroscopic
                    BRN 506844
                    CAS DataBase 2628-17-3
                    NIST Chemical information 4-hydroxystyrene(2628-17-3)
                    EPA Chemical information Phenol, 4-ethenyl-(2628-17-3)
                    Toxicity GRAS(FEMA)
                    Dosage limits FEMA (mg/kg) : baked products, meat, sauce, 5.0; Cold drinks, sweet sauce, 2.5; Gel, pudding, dessert, frosting, nut products, hard candy, 2.0; Soft drinks 1.5; non-alcoholic drinks 0.5; Milk replacer 3.0; Gum 10.0
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